How To: Disassemble the Motorola MOTOKRZR K1M

Tools You Will Need

    1)TORX T5 screwdriver
    2)Small Flathead screwdriver

Step 1: Gently use your fingernail to pry up the trim piece like so
Push in against the trim piece as you pry it up. Be persistent and the sticky tape will let go

Step one:Pry up here gently

Next step optional: Remove the chin piece trim

Next Step: Unscrew these 4 screws (Yes, I know there's only 3 in the picture I lost one last time I took this phone apart)

Gently use a small flathead scredriver and pry out towards the edge of the phone and lift the metal/glass off. Be careful, as the touch-sensitive keys are sticky and will proably come up with the glass.


Once you have the flip opened, it should look like this


Gently remove the flex cable and camera connectors and lift the LCD board out of the flip

Now flip the phone over and remove these 4 screws

Then, start prying here, preferably using something stong, but soft. The flathead will gouge the plastic. Fingernails work best to start the prying on this

Pry here gently with the flathead: push down and away from the edge of the phone and the back should come up

If you've done it correctly, you'll end up with this

Now you're all ready to swap your casing! Use the same instructions to take apart the other casing(All K1M's come apart the same way) then simply move your mainboard into the new casing, and reverse the instructions to re-assemble! If you need or want to take apart the hinge, read on brave adventurer!

First, remove the indicated screw, then take out the gray plastic near the top/middle of the picture

Next, turn the frame on it's side and gently tap it till the hinge cover that was screwed in falls out, then use your flathead to push here. Be careful! The left hingecover you're pushing out here may shoot out and get lost.

See the white thing in the middle there? It's spring-loaded, push it in with something and pull the frame halves apart.

Hinge Ring: DO NOT LOSE THIS. It goes into the left hinge hole on the flip half. See pic after this.

To put the two hinge pieces back together, line them up, press in the white part on the right hinge, press the halves together and rotate till the halves are either all the way open or all the way closed. The white thing will snap into place, holding the hinge together. Make sure your flex cable didn't get damaged in the process. Gently use your screwdriver to press down the flex cable and insert your left hinge cover. You can see how the hinge ring installs in the background. Look carefully, it's the thin bit of black.

Put the right hinge cover back in and secure it using the screw from step 1. Follow the instruction from above backwards to re-assemble your phone, and voila:

Copyright 2007 Richard Markert